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Music is a vehicle for expression and a common language for all human beings, therefore, it’s a matter of key importance on the development of the personality, being also helpful for the personal growth.

The harmonica, commonly referred as blues harp, is a wind instrument with free-vibrated reed. The execution of this instrument consists in blowing and drawing air through a single or a group of its holes. It’s an ideal instrument for music beginners and students. One proof of this is that the harmonica is the best-selling instrument worldwide, due to its low price and ease of transport.

The blues harp enjoys nowadays a remarkable popularity, and it’s frecuently included and shown on famous movies and music albums.

This instrument has been used in folk recordings as well as in classical music. It has been featured in varied music styles, experiencing in the present a booming period.

The main goal of the learning method is developing creativity, spontaneity, memory and improvisation skills, as well as other cognitive abilities needed during the instrument execution. The learning process is very didactic, with an intuitive, simple and practical approach, motivating the student from the beginning to perform easy-to-play songs without requiring any previous knowledge about music or other instruments.

How the music lessons work


The music lessons are offered for diatonic and/or chromatic harmonica students, regardless of their age or level.

The classes will be focused on the instrument execution from the beginning without studying music theory or solfège with the purpose of allowing the student to quickly play harmonica, using an own developed method with easy-to-read-and-play tabs, making the learning process easier and motivating.

Afterwards, the student will be introduced to the theorical study of the instrument, music harmony and useful improvisation resources, while performing styles as Country, Blues, Rock, Rock & Roll, Funk, Jazz & Latin.

Classes may be individual or in groups depending on availability.

Eventually, an intensive course is held, previously advertised on different communication channels, social media and on this website as well.

The music lessons are taught in-person or online via skype. Face-to-face classes take place right in the city center of Palma de Mallorca (Spain), in flexible hours for the student.

Roberto Galli has been spreading his knowledge on the harmonica for more than a decade. He has developed a very practical and simple learning method. This Argentine harp player is nowadays on active work as a teacher as well as a live performer who tours with diverse and interesting music projects.


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