Talking about Roberto Galli means talking about Blues. This musician has been bound to this genre since his youth through the execution of the harmonica, also known as blues harp. This little but powerful instrument allowed him to experience unique moments in the world of music during his professional career.
Mar del Plata, (Argentina), is the city that saw his birth. He worked as a professional musician for more than a decade, and collaborated with different consolidated groups in the music scene of his hometown and the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, as a guest musician as well as a permanent member. Eager to explore new horizons, he decided to move to Europe, establishing his new residence in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Roberto has there the priviledge of sharing stage with internationally and regionally reknown blues musicians like Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters’ guitarist), Aaron Burton, Richard Vinton, Rico McClarrin, Elon Jackson, Jay Kaye, Felix Slim,Tota Blues, Jordi Álvarez, Juan Amaro, Mingo Balaguer, ‘Los Reyes del K.O’ and ‘Los Peligrosos Gentlemen’. He had the honor of being invited to perform with Teresa Parodi, former Minister of Culture of the Republic of Argentina, when she visited the Balearic Islands during her European tour in 2013.
He has been a regular member of the blues band ‘Big Yuyu’, offering shows all around the Balearic Islands. He performs as a duo with the American pianist and singer Richard Vinton. Simultaneously, Roberto acts with the Argentine singer and guitar player Hernán Fillipini, giving Tango and Argentine Folklore concerts. He collaborates regularly with the Catalan singer Cecilya Mestres, and also with the Majorcan rock groups ‘The LadyJune’ and ‘Zelisko Band’, and the singers Luis Cadenas and Lala Garau. He worked as a studio musician with bands such ‘The Trumpet Geezers’, The Doors tribute band ‘Moonlight Drivers’, the Argentine folk artist Pablo Sans, the ‘Mendigos Blues’ duo and the Salamanca based rock group ‘Los Intrusos del Savoy’. He has participated in Tom Trovador’s videoclip and single ‘Tierra’. Meanwhile, Roberto is involved in different projects as studio musician, as well as participating as a member of the Majorcan Blues Association, among other cultural entities. In 2016, he presents his new project ‘The Rhythm Workers’, a very interesting latin jazz & blues quartet with a sophisticated repertoire composed by all-time blues, soul, swing, jazz and tango standards.
Roberto is currently still exploring the versatility of his instrument, performing and studying its use in different genres like Jazz, Tango or Latin American rhythms. Forward-looking, he is offering music lessons to students of all levels and ages while working as a freelance live musician.

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